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The sexual abuse and exploitation of children is a complex problem that requires a cross-sector, multi-disciplinary, public-private solution. In a rapidly changing environment where technology and perpetrator tactics are evolving exponentially, having access to tools and information is vital in combating this crime. You will find papers, past webinars, expert interviews, industry partner resources and more here.

Ending Image-based Sexual Violence: Our youth depend on us

Our May 2023 Brown Bag event discussed the importance of preventing image-based sexual violence and the impact this issue has on children and young…

Expert Interview – News media’s influence on the public perception of CSE

The influence of news media on public perception of child sexual abuse and exploitation After her informative presentation at our first Monthly Brown…

What research reveals about offender behaviour in the online sexual exploitation of children

Understanding the motivations of people who seek out, produce or encourage the creation of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) is a key aspect in…

Changing the public discourse around child sexual exploitation

Using appropriate language and applying a victim-centric approach when engaging in public discourse surrounding the heinous crime of child sexual…

The intersection between child protection and Australia’s legislative landscape

The sexual abuse and exploitation of children is a horrific crime that requires a strong legislative response. The difficulties that exist in…

eSafety and the industry codes

Australia’s eSafety Commissioner has been undertaking the stringent process of creating Industry standards for online safety. Since the implementation…

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