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The evolution of online technology is significantly increasing the severity of child sexual exploitation (CSE). Across various industries, including financial services and technology, data and information exists that could help contribute to the detection, investigation, and prosecution of this crime. However, cross-industry information collaboration is hampered by systemic barriers, limiting how we respond to this crime to protect and rescue children from harm. ICMEC Australia’s remit is to facilitate collaborative data and technology solutions that help identify criminals and their victims. As an operating not-for-profit organisation, we bring together government, law enforcement agencies, technology companies, regulatory authorities and NGOs to combine their experience and knowledge, and work on solutions to this crime. Our Theory of Change encompasses our mission and goals, and provides the roadmap that drives our outcomes-based work. By facilitating greater data collaboration between key stakeholders and the development of technology-based solutions within the CSE ecosystem, we will see more transparency, traceability, prosecution, convictions, and prevention of child sexual exploitation, rescuing more children from harm.

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We envision a world where children are safe from exploitation and abuse because CSE crimes are prevented, offenders convicted, and victims relieved.

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Our mission is to support efficient detection, reporting, and prosecution of child sexual exploitation, with children’s safety our number one priority.

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Our goal is to see more technology innovations and predictive analytics, increased data collaboration, and more targeted investigations, to reduce the sexual exploitation of children.

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