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The ICMEC Australia Data Product, ‘Lighthouse’, is the first in Australia and a pioneering innovation. Lighthouse will allow Australian financial services institutions to be leaders in global financial crime and intelligence, solidifying their corporate responsibility and contributions to protecting children.

Lighthouse has collaborated with leading data partners who are equally invested in the detection and prevention of child sexual abuse. By transposing millions of data artefacts into a localised product, Lighthouse allows Australian banks and payment platforms to enhance their capabilities in the fight against those who prey on children.

The Lighthouse Data Product provides clues for suspected CSE activities, as well as indicators in the access, possession or distribution of child sexual abuse material (CSAM).  These can then be compared to or viewed by financial institutions within their internal systems to flag potential cases for reporting. 

By centralising access to this Data Product and analytics for participating financial services companies, Lighthouse is significantly amplifying the impact of child protection efforts. No longer is each financial institution required to individually negotiate access to these bespoke, international data sources and face the internal challenges of extracting, transforming, and loading the data into a usable format. Now, a user-ready product can be provided to any financial services institution across Australia.

Lighthouse also provides several built-in tools for analytics and trends where users can see the visualisation of the data in time, platforms, and regional proximity.

All users of Lighthouse receive comprehensive onboarding training on using this unique data product, as well as access to ongoing support from our data products team to answer queries about its use.

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