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The sexual abuse and exploitation of children is a complex problem that requires a cross-sector, multi-disciplinary, public-private solution. In a rapidly changing environment where technology and perpetrator tactics are evolving exponentially, having access to tools and information is vital in combating this crime. You will find papers, past webinars, expert interviews, industry partner resources and more here.

Stop It Now! Australia: The power of child sexual abuse perpetrator prevention services

ICMEC Australia’s May Monthly Brown Bag webinar series featured Georgia Naldrett, the Stop It Now! Australia Manager within The Men’s Project at…

Research insights on child sexual abuse material offending among Australian adults

While official reports of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) have grown rapidly in recent years, less is known about how commonly CSAM is viewed and…

From Insights to Impact

An Overview of the 2023 Research into Child Sexual Exploitation and the Need for Collective Action This paper offers a comprehensive overview of some…

How cryptocurrencies can help play a role in detecting CSE facilitated online

With an increase in digital currencies as a method of payment, the rapid advancements in this area since the introduction of the Blockchain in 2008…

Quick Insights – Child Sexual Exploitation

The sexual exploitation of children is an insidious crime which harms far too many children. It’s historically a topic of conversation that most of…

Quick Insights – The Children in the Pictures

The Children in the Pictures is a groundbreaking documentary that was released in 2022. With an accompanying podcast that delves even deeper, the film…

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