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The sexual abuse and exploitation of children is a complex problem that requires a cross-sector, multi-disciplinary, public-private solution. In a rapidly changing environment where technology and perpetrator tactics are evolving exponentially, having access to tools and information is vital in combating this crime. You will find papers, past webinars, expert interviews, industry partner resources and more here.

‘Follow the Money’: A collaborative approach to fighting CSE

Our September Monthly Brown Bag event was an in depth discussion about some of the challenges that arise for those detecting, reporting, prosecuting…

Quick Insights – Words Matter

Using the right terminology when engaging in public discourse about child sexual abuse and exploitation We all have a role to play when it comes to…

Where we start matters

Every child, in every community, deserves a fair go. National Child Protection Week takes place in the first week of September in Australia. A NAPCAN…

Navigating CSE online, in business and in our communities

In the lead-up to the FIFA Women’s World Cup, It’s A Penalty launched their 2023 #KeepKidsSafe Campaign to help raise awareness of child…

Keeping Children Safe in the Age of AI: Examining the risks and benefits of AI for CSE

Our June 2023 Brown Bag event covered the key topic of artificial intelligence (AI) which is currently in the spotlight due to its wide applications…

Ending Image-based Sexual Violence: Our youth depend on us

Our May 2023 Brown Bag event discussed the importance of preventing image-based sexual violence and the impact this issue has on children and young…

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