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Launching the ICMEC Australia Member Portal Production Edition

March 24, 2023

One of the key messages to emerge from our UCD research last year was that the perpetrators of child sexual exploitation (CSE) are networked and collaborative. Our response to combating this heinous crime needs to be equally collaborative. As our mission is to facilitate cross-industry collaboration and support the implementation of data-collaborative solutions that can enhance the detection, reporting, and prosecution of CSE, we needed a tool that could enable continuous connection between stakeholders.

After our beta testing phase in 2022, we are pleased to announce that the Production Edition of our Member Portal is now live! The portal is a collaborative hub for all our partners working tirelessly to fight against child sexual exploitation and abuse. Whether this is across financial services, law enforcement, regulators, academia, online platforms, or the not-for-profit sector, our Member Portal is an online space designed to help cross-industry professionals to connect.

We provide a multi-layered approach to collaboration within the CSE response ecosystem through events, the Collaboration Working Group and initiatives such as the APAC Financial Coalition Forum, in conjunction with our global colleagues. Our Member Portal is an expansion upon these more formal and infrequent methods of collaboration. It enables stakeholders to continue conversations, follow up on information, and connect and share at any time. And it helps those working to end this crime to be as networked as the perpetrators.

The Member Portal is expertly convened by our Community Manager, Francesca Funayama, who is on hand via the portal during business hours to assist with any queries about content, industry news or facilitating connections with other members of the community. Or, you can contact her via email at

By joining our Member Portal, you’ll gain access to exclusive ICMEC Australia content, curated news, a member directory to connect with other individuals working in the CSE disruption space, and a variety of expert groups where you can share information with likeminded members. And we are already receiving positive feedback from our members.

“I joined this community because I have been impressed with the work that ICMEC do including, and particularly, the advocacy work in this space,” said Julie Green, Research Assistant, Dept. Social Work, University of Melbourne.

“I really, really, really appreciate all the posts and links you have been sharing with the group. Thank you for keeping us all up to speed with important things going on.”

If you’re engaged in the fight against child sexual exploitation, we invite you to join our member portal.

Register here:

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