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ICMEC Australia Supports the Crucial Role of Research in Child Protection

December 6, 2023

A key aspect to better protecting children from sexual abuse and exploitation is to deepen our understanding of the crime, perpetrator tactics and behaviour, and the lived experiences of victim-survivors.

ICMEC Australia is proud to have served as the gold sponsors for the inaugural Child Sexual Abuse Research Reduction Network’s (CSARRN) Workshop held this week in Adelaide. Driven by our mission to facilitate cross-sector collaboration and help build the capacity and capabilities of those within the industry, we are always looking for ways to support our stakeholders to meet their missions and outcomes. 

Sponsoring the inaugural CSARRN workshop provided a valuable opportunity for us to demonstrate our unwavering support for critical Australian research to uncover data-driven insights and evidence-based approaches, aimed at enhancing the protection of children from harm. 

Established in 2023 by a group of dedicated researchers committed to combating child sexual abuse, CSARRN’s inaugural workshop, hosted by the University of Adelaide, brought together key researchers and thought leaders from global institutions and Australia’s world-leading research teams. The event facilitated the sharing of work, the fostering of new collaborations, and the development of unified solutions to better address child sexual abuse.

Featuring informative sessions delving into the complexities of child sexual abuse and exploitation, the workshop covered various aspects of this heinous crime. As a key subject matter expert, our Head of Data Products, Warren Bulmer, was invited to present his research paper on DarkNet Child Exploitation Forums. Other topics discussed at the workshop included offending behaviours, investigative methods, advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, harmful sexual behaviours, and prevention initiatives.

With our work streams designed to seamlessly support projects and stakeholders collaboratively, this was an important event for our Head of Capacity and Prevention, Dannielle Kelly, and Head of Impact, Tiphanie Au, who represented the organisation at the workshop. In addition to enjoying the meaningful insights from presenters on a diverse range of research topics, it was a unique opportunity for them to network with a collective of like minded people committed to finding solutions to this crime.

We know that we need to work collaboratively to tackle these issues effectively, and our Capacity & Prevention and Impact streams combine to support the academic research that plays such a critical role in enhancing the protection of children. By forming new connections and having the potential for future partnerships with these academics leading their field, we hope that ground-breaking work of the future will emerge from this event to help the enhanced detection and prevention of CSE.

As the sponsor for the inaugural workshop we were delighted to support this worthwhile initiative, and we extend our gratitude to CSARRN for organising such an insightful event. We look forward to building on the relationships made and we are eagerly looking forward to further collaborating in 2024.

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