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Ending Image-based Sexual Violence: Our youth depend on us

May 26, 2023

Our May 2023 Brown Bag event discussed the importance of preventing image-based sexual violence and the impact this issue has on children and young people. With a focus on the extent of harms victim-survivors of this extreme form of abuse endure, this session featured key takeaways from survivors and advocates on the path towards justice and healing. As the ways we are able to connect online expand, so do the risks to children and young people.

The session brought a global perspective to inform our local response, and shared how different organisations, companies, and individuals working in this space can collaborate to move toward the greater goal of protecting children from this online harm that creates real-life, devastating consequences.

Andrea Powell, Director of the Image-based Sexual Abuse Initiative at Panorama Global, shared her wealth of knowledge from working extensively with victim-survivors of sexual violence. Andrea’s presentation shared her vision of a world where children and young people are free from the enduring trauma that results from image-based abuse, and other types of online harm.

View the recording of this informative session below.

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