International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children Australia Ltd

Partnering to save children from abuse and exploitation

Our Mission

The sexual abuse and exploitation of children is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the world and requires a strong response from a variety of sectors.

In our digital age online child sexual exploitation and abuse is rapidly growing, faster than we can respond and is challenging us to mount a formidable response. This isn’t just a crime; it’s a violation of innocence that knows no borders, thriving in darkness.  

We bring together the public and private sectors to turn up the lights and fight this crime together. 

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We envision a world where children are safe from exploitation and abuse because CSE crimes are prevented, offenders convicted, and victims relieved.


Our mission is to support efficient detection, reporting, and prosecution of child sexual exploitation, with children’s safety our number one priority.


Our goal is to see more technology innovations and predictive analytics, increased data collaboration, and more targeted investigations, to reduce the sexual exploitation of children.

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(Australian Child Maltreatment Study, 2023)

What We Do

At ICMEC Australia, our approach is multifaceted. We’re not just responding; we’re anticipating, innovating and advocating to protect children. 

Here’s how we make a difference:

  • Collaborations across the Public and Private Sectors
  • Pioneering Research 
  • Policy and Advocacy 
  • Data Product Solutions
  • Training and Capability Building
  • Prevention Initiatives 

Whether you’re in financial services, telecommunications, corporate social impact, government, law enforcement, academia, or the not-for-profit sector, your involvement holds the power to shield countless children from harm. We invite you to join forces with us to help bring positive change. Let’s connect, collaborate, and fight this heinous crime together.

Here’s a summary of our work areas. Connect with us to find out more.


Focuses on collaboration across the private and public sectors through our Collaboration Working Group, networking, events, and implementation projects.

Capacity & Prevention

Works with the public, private, NGO, and academic sectors to strengthen capacity and prevention initiatives. Key activities include training, awareness, advocacy and policy submissions.

Data Product

Delivers innovative data products for our stakeholders across law enforcement and financial services. Provides localised analytics around select online child sexual exploitation activities.


Focuses on our overall impact strategy, oversees the Child Protection Fund, and ensures thorough measurement and evaluation to ensure we are progressing toward our planned outcomes and impact.

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