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ICMEC Australia supports cross-industry data and technology solutions to reduce child sexual exploitation facilitated online


Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world, rising exponentially due to the speed of online technological advancement, on the clear and dark webs.

It is a borderless crime impacting real victims all over the world. The online dissemination and sale of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) creates multiple digital traces that, when connected, can help to identify perpetrators and their victims, leading to the prosecution of criminals and the rescue of child victims.

We work closely with financial crimes teams, NGOs, corporations, regulators and law enforcement partners to facilitate collaboration and data solutions that will help increase their ability to detect, report and prosecute perpetrators. And, ultimately, identify child victims to save them from further harm.

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We offer a number of solutions for those working to save children from harm, including our Partnership ProgramChild Protection Fund and Data Collaboration Initiative.

These solutions enable greater connection and partnerships between those working in the CSE space, facilitate innovative data-driven solutions and support progress by funding initiatives that will lead to significant improvements in the fight against child sexual exploitation.

If you work to combat CSE and are curious as to how we can help you contribute to the successful identification of perpetrators and victims, get in touch.

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Navigating the intersection of cryptocurrency and technology-facilitated CSE

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