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We believe that data and information sharing is the key to improving the fight against child sexual exploitation

With several systemic barriers that impact those working to prevent child sexual exploitation, such as legislative and access restrictions, industry silos and different pieces of evidence split across different sources, identifying bad actors and their victims is a challenging process.

In addition, innovations in the payments industry have created more complex financial trails, being layered across numerous financial institutions, entities and jurisdictions.
Australia’s banks, other financial institutions, government agencies, police and NGOs are working hard to prevent child sexual exploitation. They do a lot individually, but know they can achieve much more working together.

Our Partnerships team works closely with individuals and organisations who are engaged in the fight against CSE to facilitate cross-industry collaboration. The team provides access to key industry information, connects individuals and teams around the world to discuss issues and opportunities, and facilitates key implementation projects that address some of the systemic barriers that exist in fighting this crime.

Our Member Portal is a purpose-designed online community for verified industry members. It facilitates ongoing discussion and provides a space to access valuable information to help our partners achieve better results in their work.

In early 2023 we will be launching our Membership Program to those working to fight CSE. Please subscribe to our newsletter if you would like to be the first to know when the program launches.

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