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Data Collaboration

The ability to investigate and detect child sexual exploitation online requires the sharing of data and insights from multiple sources

There are many external data sources that could be useful to investigators in financial crimes, law enforcement, and online safety teams in their fight against child sexual exploitation. But sourcing, merging, validating, integrating, categorising, and deploying these public and closed datasets in a format that can provide valuable information is one of the biggest challenges for investigators.

Our Data Products team works with our wider stakeholders to explore online solutions to data collaboration that can create a more detailed picture of online activity, with the aim of providing links between datasets to increase the success of identifying and reporting suspicious transactions. In turn, greater volumes and intelligence associated with that data, supports better predictive modelling and prevention of the crime.

By harnessing the power that modern data analytics techniques offer to those fighting child sexual exploitation, we aim to provide our partners with data products that protect children and save lives.

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