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Capacity & Prevention

Strengthening knowledge and information for the frontline detection and prevention of child sexual exploitation

By helping to strengthen the knowledge and information of those working to end child sexual exploitation our hope is that we can also help to prevent this heinous crime from taking place at all. 

Our Capacity and Prevention team exists to bridge the gaps that can hamper resource-poor teams and organisations from carrying out the critical investigation and community engagement functions needed to fight child sexual exploitation both nationally and internationally.

Partnerships with our public stakeholders are a vital component in providing a networked solution to this networked crime. But many of these partners are under-resourced in time, capacity and training. 

By facilitating access to the latest information, training and techniques for managing their response to this crime, we support industry professionals in law enforcement, child protection non-profits and academia to build their capacity in multiple areas, with the aim of helping to save more children from abuse and exploitation. 

We provide a variety of programs and initiatives to help build capacity for those on the frontline. From bottom-up training for those confronting the most challenging aspects of this crime, through to funding for prevention initiatives and support for vital academic research that can help inform a sector-wide response to the crime. 

Whilst our work with these public partners is key to a holistic approach to preventing and fighting child sexual exploitation, it can’t happen in isolation. By working closely with our Collaboration team and their private partners we can help plug the knowledge gaps on both sides of the sector, to produce a better outcome for children.

We will release details of training, research and funding opportunities via our channels as they arise. In the meantime, if you have any specific training requests or would like to discuss any prevention or research initiatives, please contact the team on

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