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6 February 2024

February 6, 2024

Today’s articles focus on the latest Australian CSE research, tech, government and AI:

  1. The Australian Childhood Maltreatment Study team has released new insights on CSE perpetrator demographics and what else we could do to tackle the issue
  2. Recap: Last week, five CEOs from major tech firms spoke at a US Senate hearing on online CSE. If you don’t have time to watch the full hearing, the BBC summarises and shares key highlights in their coverage here:
  3. (Paywall) “Even though there is only a trickle of current cases involving AI-generated CSAM, that number is expected to grow exponentially” – in the wake of the Taylor Swift case, this article brings the focus on the risks of AI-generated CSAM –

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ICMEC Australia’s CEO, Anna Bowden, recognised as Financial Crime Fighter of the Year

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ICMEC Australia Supports the Crucial Role of Research in Child Protection

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