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30 November 2023

November 30, 2023

Today’s post features some key Australian articles covering draft industry codes, new ABS statistics and an Australian case from the New York Times. We’ve also curated some research papers from the journal Child Abuse & Neglect.

  1. Reminder 🔔 eSafety’s public consultation on the Designated Internet Services and Relevant Electronic Services Standards closes 21st Dec 2023 –
  2. The ABS recently released a statistics paper on Childhood abuse from their 2021-22 Personal Safety Survey (PSS) – “An estimated 22% of adults have experienced childhood abuse and/or witnessed parental violence before the age of 15, including: 7.5% who experienced sexual abuse”–
  3. An Australian family were featured in this New York Times article discussing online CSAM flagging – the title is clickbaity but the author does highlight the risks of sharing regular photos or videos of children online –
  4. The latest edition of the journal Child Abuse & Neglect is now available – I’ve curated a selection of papers that are relevant for clinicians, prevention program designers as well as comms and policy professionals:
    1. Full text: Psychologist attitudes towards disclosure and believability of childhood sexual abuse: Can biases affect perception, judgement, and action? (Australian study)
    2. Developmental factors associated with inappropriate coping strategies among sexual aggressors of children (Canadian study)
    3. Full text: Effectiveness of child sexual abuse prevention programs on knowledge acquisition: A meta-analytical study (International study)
    4. Full text: International guidelines for the prevention of sexual violence: A systematic review and perspective of WHO, UN Women, UNESCO, and UNICEF’s publications (International study)
    5. The public’s knowledge about child sexual abuse influences its perceptions of prevention and associated policies (American study)

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