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29 January 2024

January 29, 2024

Today’s mix of articles covers law reform, AI, trust & safety and cryptocurrency:

  1. The scope of the Australian Law Reform Commission’s inquiry into justice responses to sexual violence in Australia is now available. The Inquiry will review laws, procedures, training and ways to improve the justice system for victim-survivors:
  2. Deepfake image-based abuse utilising AI is gaining widespread attention after Taylor Swift was targeted recently. This article highlights the wider issue in addition to the Taylor Swift case:
  3. X announced they’ll be hiring 100 full-time employees focused on tackling CSAM. This follows disclosures to eSafety about slashing trust and safety staff by a third, an 80% reduction in safety engineers and the reinstatement of thousands of previously banned Australian accounts:
  4. Chainalysis recently did a deep dive into crypto-based CSAM selling and buying, sharing insights into perpetrator behaviour:

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