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ICMEC AU is Bringing RedFlag Accelerator Typologies to Australia with RedCompass Labs

June 1, 2022

Sydney, Australia, 1st June 2022 

“ICMEC Australia is very pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with RedCompass Labs, headquartered in London, United Kingdom, to bring the RedFlag Accelerator Child Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking Typologies and alerting solutions to Australian Financial Services organisations and others working against child sexual exploitation (CSE).

ICMEC Australia was established in 2021, with assistance from both ICMEC’s global operation (headquartered in Virginia, USA) and Westpac’s Safer Children, Safer Communities fund. The International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC) has a 20-year history in working to make the world a safer place for children. In Australia, ICMEC is focused on collaborating with the financial service industry in its response to child sexual exploitation.

The RedCompass Labs typologies for child sexual exploitation risk identification within financial services are perhaps the most comprehensive, rigorous and dynamic in the world yet are relatively unknown in the Australian market currently. ICMEC is determined to make the world safer for children, and we are delighted to help bring RedCompass Labs capability to those organisations participating in our Financial Coalition Against Child Sexual Exploitation.


We know that access to RedCompass Lab’s typologies, technology and advisory services enhances the detection and reporting of child sexual exploitation offences based on the financial footprint of such crimes.


ICMEC Australia has, in parallel, been investing in a major piece of research to map out the child sexual exploitation response ecosystem. This research has identified scores of opportunities and challenges the organisations involved face. RedCompass Labs, working with ICMEC Australia, will address some of the important opportunities to improve our national response to child sexual exploitation.


ICMEC Australia’s Executive Chairman, Paul McCarney noted the importance of the agreement with RedCompass.  “As we collaborate with stakeholders in financial services and law enforcement to better detect,and report child sexual exploitation offenders, our partners tell us that they value the global information connections that ICMEC can bring to them.  RedCompass Labs is a great example of an overseas solution with a unique approach to typologies for CSE, that make it easier for financial services organisations to increase their coverage of this crime.”


RedCompass Labs, “Our partnership with ICMEC Australia is an incredible boost to our mission to disrupt child sexual exploitation. We look forward to leveraging our deep payments and data science expertise and working alongside ICMEC Australia and Australian Banks to protect children from exploitation and make it impossible for criminals to use financial services in Oceania for this purpose.”

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